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BP E-85 Fuel 200L Drum

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BP RaceBlend E85 is a drummed fuel which is consistent: 85% ethanol and 15% 98 RON petrol. It can only be used in fuel systems designed specifically for E85 blends. Because it is highly oxygenated and requires increased fuel flow compared to conventional non-oxygenated fuels, consult with your fuel injection system or carburetor supplier for correct air/fuel ratio calibrations.

E85 is blended to consistently contain 85% ethanol. Conventional E85 can vary from 68% to 79% ethanol or so but rarely contains 85% ethanol. Conventional E85 can also vary seasonally; the composition of E85 race fuel does not change. The non-ethanol portion of E85 is comprised of highly-refined race fuel hydrocarbons for stability and consistency. E85 is the racer’s fuel of choice where E85 fuels are allowed.

E85 does not contain metallic additives and will not harm oxygen sensors. It should be stored in dark, tightly sealed containers where the temperature is stable. Handled under such conditions, shelf life is in excess of 1 year. Check with your fuel system and fuel container manufacturers for compatibility with ethanol and E85 blends. Please note that due to the high oxygenation of E85, the octane values are estimated.

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