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About us

Fast Lane Spares, in partnership with RaceFuels, is dedicated to providing high-quality BP E-85 Fuel to individuals and competitors involved in various motorsport categories, including Speedway, Drifting, Circuit Racing, Rally, and Street racing.

Through a collaborative effort between Supercars, BP Australia, and RaceFuels, the E-85 RACE BLEND is meticulously blended at RaceFuels' state-of-the-art facility in Dandenong South. Since 2020, RaceFuels has taken complete responsibility for producing 500,000 litres of E-85 RACE BLEND annually, ensuring that every litre meets the rigorous specifications of BP Australia and Supercars.

RaceFuels maintains the consistency and quality of their E-85 RACE BLEND by conducting thorough tests throughout the production process and carefully monitoring the blending process to ensure consistent results from batch to batch.

At Fast Lane Spares, we take pride in supplying motorsport enthusiasts with a reliable and high-performance fuel source, thanks to our partnership with RaceFuels and their commitment to producing the best E-85 RACE BLEND on the market.